Neighborworks Montana

Neighborworks Montana

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NeighborWorks Montana champions housing opportunities across the state. Focusing on fortifying communities, they deliver education and financing solutions, ensuring every Montanan has access to a home they can afford.

Recognizing the depth of their knowledge and expertise, mainly after they collaborated with Trust Montana in 2021, we were brought on board for a brand refresh.

The challenge was clear: NeighborWorks Montana had abundant technical, comprehensive training materials and knowledge products. However, much of this content was wrapped in legal and complex terms, proving complicated for audiences less versed in housing. Our mission was to repackage this wealth of information, making it accessible and engaging for a broader audience – from real estate appraisers to developers and lenders.

The brand refresh for NeighborWorks Montana redefined its brand experience, harmonizing the look and feel with its core message. By translating complex concepts into digestible, visually compelling narratives, we made shared equity housing more inviting and accessible. This aesthetic and narrative overhaul ensured that their educational materials didn’t just reach but deeply resonated with their partner network and broader audience.

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