Montana State Parks Foundation

Montana State Parks Foundation

Graphic Design

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The Montana State Parks Foundation is the official nonprofit fundraising partner of Montana State Parks. The organization raises private funds to leverage public dollars to build the parks and recreation system that Montanans deserve. They focus on raising awareness of the park’s challenges, funding park enhancements & building advocates. As parks improve and the foundation grows, they also intend to help parks with a more programmatic capacity to deliver a better experience to park users and recreationists.

For the Montana State Parks Foundation, we crafted a holistic graphic design approach that emphasized Montana’s natural beauty and the importance a its parks. Our designs ranged from creating an engaging, user-friendly interactive map highlighting 56 state parks to establishing a consistent and compelling visual identity for their email marketing campaigns. Additionally, we designed elements for their e-commerce platform and visually supported their alternative funding initiatives.

Through our graphic design initiatives, we played a crucial role in strengthening the foundation’s impact. Our design efforts directly contributed to the growth from a $50K to over $1M budget within four years. The compelling narratives we crafted led to the securing of a massive $500K private gift and were instrumental in saving two new state parks. The interactive map we developed, featuring 55 state parks, became an indispensable tool for park enthusiasts, while the cohesive visuals for their email campaigns not only strengthened brand consistency but also supported the development of a substantial $230K+ email stakeholder list, amplifying their reach and engagement.

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Website Design and Development.

Content Marketing (Social Media, Email, Web Content).

Email Marketing.


Design of Marketing Collateral.

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