Red Panda Network Case Study


Objectives: Red Panda Network needed to gain an audience and retain a substantial customer and donor base.

Target Audience: Conservationist, Environmentalist, private donors.

Result: With Firebrand Creative’s help Red Panda Network was able to increase revenue, private partnerships and their eCommerce experience to ensure the future preservation of red panda habitats.

Increasing Awareness and Activism

Red Panda Network (RPN) is a non-profit striving to preserve wild red panda habitats so they will thrive forever. RPN struggled with trying to fund conservation projects and raise awareness on red panda education on their own, without partners and without major outreach to donors.

Helping Red Panda Habitats Thrive

Firebrand stepped in to improve the eCommerce website and to create private partnerships that would prove viable and increase revenue. As a non-profit using an eCommerce solution to sell merchandise and collect donations, Firebrand helped to automate their sales and donor onboarding as well as handled the outreach to potential donors and customers. Firebrand also helped to create private partnerships through the development of an e-book and developer-free app.

Results and Measurement

Firebrand Creative’s eCommerce solution helped to increase revenue with their automated systems by 100% year-over-year. The partnerships resulted in over 15,000 downloads of the e-book and app, proving them both viable within 30 days. Firebrand also increased Facebook audience by 350% in a single year.

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