Working With Firebrand

At Firebrand Creative our approach is simple, cookie cutter solutions don’t exist. Each client is different, each business is different, and we live and breath those nuances. We customize every approach, every strategy and every project specifically to your business.

Your Unique Team

When you start working with Firebrand Creative, we assign you an account manager who will always be your primary point of contact, but behind the scenes, we have a number of other team members who will be working on your account. That might be, Kristina in Operations, Callie in Design, Amanda in Strategy and Content Development or Brian in Web Development. You may hear directly from some of these team members or even have them pop in on some of your meetings.

Our talented cross discipline team is distributed across North America and showcases 50+ years of experience in growing businesses across the globe. But we all have one goal in mind, helping remarkable business like your make their mark in this work.

Reports and Communication

At the end of every week, which is typically Thursday in our office, you will receive an email which gives you a brief overview of the status of all your current projects. These emails will include items we are waiting on from you, things we may owe you, approvals or clarity we might need, access to something or anything else that is important to note.

Additionally, depending on communication styles, needs and preference we also encourage 30-minute phone calls. These can happen in frequencies from weekly, twice a month or once a month. The frequency of these phone calls really depends on your goals, communication preferences and volume of work.

At the end of the month, we will also send a detailed synopsis of what we see from our performance perspective and our related strategies. So if we’re excited about something we see, or there are some trends that we find surprising, we will share that with you and make suggestions of what we should do next.

Invoice and Payment

We work with clients in one of two ways, project based or service based. Project based is a particular project, for example, website development. Service based is a long-term (often 12 months) agreement for all services, for instance, strategy development and implementation. Service based is also referred to as a retainer.

Projects are billed 50% of the total estimated cost before beginning the project and the remaining 50% at the project’s completion. You will receive an invoice at the beginning of the month for services provided during that month.

There are multiple options to pay your invoices. You can pay online with a card, send a check directly to our bank or through an E.F.T. payment. Just work with your Account Manager or our Accounting Department to set-up the payment processing that is easiest for you.


If you have questions, edits or changes you’d like to see, you can email This helps ensure that your ticket is put in front of not only your Account Manager but the rest of the Firebrand team, to ensure you’re getting the support and responses you need as soon as possible. With any email, you can expect a response within one business day, if not sooner.

Proposals and Quotes

New project requests or anytime we need to purchase something on your behalf, you will find a proposal quote sent to you via email. We will go over associated costs and the anticipated timeline. Once you send the signed document back to us along with any payment (if required), we will quickly begin moving forward on your project.

At Firebrand Creative, we’re not here to play the game; we’re here to CHANGE it. Any marketing agency can build you a website, put together a logo or suggest a paid media solution. But can they give you the boldness blueprint that will transform your growth?

Are you ready to build a meaningful business with lasting impact? Let’s talk.

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